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Evolved Mommy | December 19, 2018

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Toddler Gadgets | Fisher-Price Apptivity iPhone or iPod Touch Case - Evolved Mommy

Toddler Gadgets | Fisher-Price Apptivity iPhone or iPod Touch Case
Stephanie Funk

UPDATE: Congrats to Angie Albright for winning the Apptivity Case!
Find lots of toys and games for kids of all ages from Fisher-Price.
When our two year old was potty training my husband, in a moment of weakness, promised her an iPhone. Now, we might be more gadget-friendly than most, but we are not buying our two year old an iPhone. We do believe in following through with our promises, though.

The compromise was buying her a refurbished iPod Touch on It looks like an iPhone, is loaded up with her favorite apps and she can even Facetime with Nana. Added bonus: she has her own gadget and we don’t have to give her ours.

iPod Touches still aren’t cheap, and my biggest concern has been whether this new “toy” will get broken.

Fisher-Price has come up with a great solution in their Apptivity case designed for babies as young as 6 months old.

In its Play Lab, Fisher-Price found that babies— only six to nine months old— who were just learning to sit up, already knew how to swipe and handle an iPhone and where the location and function of the home button was!

Fisher Price Apptivity case for iPod Touch

Charlie learning while I cook dinner. Translation: Charlie playing while I microwave mac n’ cheese.

Good for Fisher-Price for embracing this new kid tech era. I get so frustrated when I hear parents say, “Oh, I don’t let my baby play with my iPhone.”

My question is: Why not?

Technology isn’t going away. The more comfortable and curious our kids (especially our girls) are the better off they will be in the long run. You know who’s running the successful e-commerce and tech companies now? Kids who played tons of video games and were curious about how computers worked. You know what else? Not many of the people running tech companies are women.

So let them play. Now you can have piece of mind that your expensive gadgets are protected from drops and drool.

Fisher Price

Fisher-Price has several offerings in the gadget case space:

·        The Laugh & Learn Apptivity Case for the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch

·         The Kid-Tough Apptivity Case for the iPad 

·         The Kid-Tough Apptivity Case for iPhone or iPod Touch

Our daughter seems to love the Apptivity case, but at almost three years old, has just about outgrown it. One of the features of the case is an extra piece of plastic that blocks the home button, so your little one doesn’t mistakenly call Africa or erase important emails. Our daughter is savvy enough to move between apps now, and this blocked home button just serves to frustrate her. You can put the iPhone or iPod touch in upside down, but the home button is still difficult to push.

Looks like we’ll be moving to the Kid-Tough Apptivity Case made for 3 year olds and up soon.

Fisher-Price Kid Tough Apptivity Case for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Fisher-Price Kid Tough Apptivity Case

Do you feel comfortable handing your expensive gadget to your baby or toddler?

Tell me about it in the comments below for a chance to win your own Fisher-Price Apptivity product. 

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Disclosure: Fisher Price gave me this apptivity case to review and provided one to my giveaway winner.