Top 10 Mommy Bloggers | Who Do You Really Read?

Mashable came out with a new infographic this week about mommy bloggers.

As soon as I heard the word of its existence I rushed over to the site hoping for self-deprecating hilarity but was immediately met with lukewarm informativeness.

Numbers, numbers, numbers, blah blah, blah…

The most interesting bit of data was this little quote:

14% of all American mothers with at least one child in their household blog about parenting or turn to blogs for advice, according to a recent study by Scarborough Research. About 3.9 million moms in the United States identify as bloggers, but just 500 of them are considered to be influential among other mothers.

And then the infographic laid out the 10 most influential mommy bloggers today, which I thought was pretty interesting. They are in order:

  1. Rebecca Woolf, Girls Gone Child
  3. Catherine Conners, Her Bad Mother
  4. Heather B. Armstrong, Dooce (Getting fired because of your blog is now commonly referred to as getting “dooced” because of her)
  5. Alice Bradley, Finslippy
  6. Katherine Stone, Post Partum Progress
  7. Monica Bielanko, The Girl Who
  8. Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman (Thank you Lord for bringing her cinnamon roll recipe to the world)
  9. Amy Corbett Storch, Amalah
  10. Kate Inglis, Sweet Salty
Jenny Lawson The Bloggess Pick Your Battles
“And that’s why you should learn to pick your battles”

Jenny Lawson’s “Metal Chicken” story reminds me that it’s okay to cuss and be silly. Ree Drummond’s restaurant-style salsa recipe reminds me to take pictures of every single step of everything. Heather Armstrong reminds me to be open, honest and transparent.

Are you already reading any of these? If so, how did you discover them? Do you remember the first thing you read of theirs?

Who are you reading that isn’t a big bloggy star?

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