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Evolved Mommy | December 19, 2018

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Top 3 "Get your sh&t together" tools - Evolved Mommy

Top 3 “Get your sh&t together” tools
Stephanie Funk

Profanity alert: f-bomb in play below

This winter has been absolutely horrid, and the only thing keeping me sane is using the rare sunny (yet cold) Saturday to open all the blinds and pretend it’s spring, which leads to the desire to start spring cleaning.

But where to start? Oh goodness… where to start?

a cat Tal Bright via Compfight

1. FlyLady

Over coffee the other day, two of my best friends (Amy & Lela) revealed they have a secret weapon for keeping their household sh&t together (my words, not theirs). This secret? FlyLady.

What it is: mission control for a tidy house, complete with specific manageable tasks.

FlyLady believes there are two foundational task to keeping your house (and life) in order:

  • Shine your sink
  • Get dressed to shoes

FAIR WARNING: Her videos are a little… how do I say this nicely??? Well, if you like sappy, jingle-style music on a video of still photos with weird transitions, the videos are delightful.

I’m currently giving her processes a try, and even though I might not love the videos, the two simple steps above have already had a huge impact. I am much less frazzled, and actually feel more energetic.

I’ll be darned.

2. Unfuck Your Habitat

On the opposite end of the profanity spectrum from FlyLady comes this fun site, and it’s coordinating (Apple-censored) app: Unfilth Your Habit $1.99 (COME ON, APPLE… that’s much less fun to say).

UfYH believes in small, manageable tasks to achieve a calm home and life. Yes, please. Honestly, the crass style of UfYH is more my cup of tea than FlyLady.

3. LifeHacker

This one is not so specific to the home. It’s packed full of fun tips that cross a lot of topics. The LifeHacker Facebook page is one of my favorites for a quick, fun distraction.

This video is a perfect an example of the fabu stuff Lifehacker shares

Life is messy. Use these tech-ish tools to get your sh&t together.

Each of these three digital housekeeping & life management tools is helpful in unique ways. Check them out and let me know what you think.

Let’s discuss…

What’s your secret weapon? 

Have a tech-ish tip for keeping your sh&t together? Share it below. Have you tried any of these three tools already?