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Evolved Mommy | April 21, 2015

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Ultimate Christmas Gifts 2012 + A HUGE Giveaway - Evolved Mommy

Ultimate Christmas Gifts 2012 + A HUGE Giveaway
Stephanie McCratic

This Giveaway is Closed

You’ve seen the gift guides, now what’s the ultimate Christmas 2012 gift for each person on your list? Here ya go:
Moms & Dads
Kids & Grandparents
Friends & Coworkers
+ One heck of a giveaway

Ultimate Christmas Gift for Mom – Boots

This has NOTHING to do with tech really, but this year boots are everywhere and every mama needs a fancy pair of boots she feels hot in. You know what? I work for, which is the source of all the gorgeous boots in the country. I might be biased, but this is my blog. 

You know what else? I’m giving away a $150 gift card to Country Outfitter, just in time for Christmas. Keep this fabulous treat for yourself or give the best. gift. ever. to a loved one. Enter now. All the details are at the end of this post.

Ariat murrieta tall boots

Ariat Murrieta – the perfect tall boot

Cowboy Boots for Men, Women and Children – Shop Now!

Get the complete Gift Guide for Moms

Ultimate Christmas Gift for Dad – The new iMac

New iMac desktop

The new iMac desktop

Just a month ago I would’ve sworn the world was done with home desktop computers. Surely we are all going to have laptops. Why would you want a giant thing to find space for in your house? Well, then Apple announced their new iMacs and darned if they aren’t FAB-U-LOUS. Apple desktops haven’t had a tower in many years, but this one is basically just a super thin monitor. That’s it. No extra piece of anything. And it’s gorgeous, fast and a workhorse. You can either buy a new computer every two years, fight pop-ups, viruses, malware and slooooooow activity, or you can buy an iMac, do what you want to do fast and have one heck of a computer for several years.

An added bonus with the desktop is that kids can more easily share access. Park it at a desk space and let them take turns, as opposed to passing the laptop around.

Get the complete Gift Guide for Dads

Ultimate Christmas Gift for Kids – Nabi 2 Tablet

The Nabi 2 is a 7″ tablet made specifically for kids and includes a safety-gated operating system, durable design, tons and tons of preloaded games, over 25 pre-loaded books, a camera and intuitive kid-friendly interface. Bonus: with a password parents can unlock the full Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system and use it like a regular tablet. There are lots of kid tablets on the market right now, but this one really seems to be the one to get.

Nabi 2

Nabi 2 Tablet for Kids

Glowing reviews + reasonable price + preloaded games + safety controls = WINNER!

Ultimate Christmas Gifts for Grandparents – iGrill

Charlie and Nana had fun playing with the iGrill while they were cooking the Thanksgiving turkey. It’s not always easy to buy gadgets for Baby Boomers, but we think this one is just plain fun. Especially when you program ridiculous songs to play when your food is done. Suggestion: Dixie Chicken. Good times, y’all.

iphone meat thermometer

iGrill Smartphone-integrated Meat Thermometer

Ultimate Christmas Gift for Friends – Cashmere tech gloves

Love this. Luxurious and techy. My two favorite things.


cashmere smartphone gloves

Cashmere iphone-friendly gloves from Nordstrom


Ultimate Christmas Gifts for Coworkers – Wacom Bamboo Stylus

This one is $30, so really only for the coworker(s) you like. The others get cookies or an ornament. The Bamboo stylus is a handy little tool for your tech-savvy coworkers who have tablets. Sometimes we just want to write, not type. Also, sometimes we just want to doodle to keep from stabbing people in meetings. Doodling = therapy. Therefore, the giver of the Bamboo stylus = office hero.

wacom bamboo stylus

Wacom Bamboo Stylus


Country Outfitter Giveaway Details:

The Park Wife and Evolved Mommy

Sometimes I get excited about boots. Stephanie Buckley ( seemed to be okay with that.


To Enter the Giveaway:

CLICK HERE (required) and submit your email.

Country Outfitter will occasionally send you marketing messages. You are welcome to opt out at any time. Must be a US resident 18 years and older to be eligible.

For an additional entries:

– Leave a comment below telling me which boots are your favorite. Mine are the Lucchese Chelsea boots, btw.

– Share this post (tweet, Facebook and/or email it to your friends). Just be sure to let me know you did it in the comments below.

Deadline to enter: 12/5/2012 at midnight. A winner will be announced the following day.

Full Disclosure: I work for Country Outfitter and they are providing the $150 gift card. My love of Country Outfitter is genuine. They didn’t buy it. Nor did they give me boots or extra pay for this post. 




  1. Heather

    I like the Murrietas thank for the great giveaway. Merry Christmas.

  2. kim lazor

    Has a winner been announced? Thanks! :)

    • evolvedmommy

      Hi Kim! Yes, the winner was announced in a follow up post. Her name is Keisha.

  3. I can’t believe I missed this!

  4. Rose

    I like Women’s Quincy Bootie – Dark Brown, esp for walking, on the street and through the woods. I have found wearing shoes that are soft like moccasins are much easier to navigate rocks, hills, logs, or just walking on cement. I could really use a decent pair of walking shoes, my current ones are held together with staples!!!

  5. Trying this again….lol. I think I did it wrong the first time. I would love any of these boots PLEASE!

  6. facebook_MelClay1


  7. Dude, where is my entry? You know my sad, boots falling apart little Buckaroo needs new boots.

  8. I would love these please!!!!!


  10. Kim

    I like the Corral Women’s Distressed Black/Brown Floral Pink Inlay Boots. All of your posts about these boots are working – I really want some now!

  11. Tiff Haas

    Love the corral fleur de Los boot!

  12. Tiff Haas

    I posted to fb!

  13. and tweeted! @mrsdtall

  14. I like the Dingo Wendy and the Dingo Women’s Metro! Super Cute!!!

  15. Matt Norwood

    I’m outnumbered in my home with girls vs guys. It’s unexplainable but I like the Wing & Cross With Studs & Crystals Boot.

  16. Andrea Moran

    I love the tall boots in the pic above. Shared on FB.

  17. Melinda brown

    Love the corral distressed heart boots. This is an awesome giveaway! I posted on my wall too.

  18. Kara G woody

    I also love the same boots as you :)

  19. Cindy Bemis

    I have yet to see a pair I DIDN’T like!

    • evolvedmommy

      Haha. Agreed.

  20. Dani Dingman

    I tweeted this! :)

  21. These particular boots would go up to my neck. But still.

  22. I love them all! and I shared!

  23. Dani Dingman

    I shared this on FB. :)

  24. Dani Dingman

    I love the Women’s Heritage Western X Toe Boot – Vintage Caramel!

  25. And I tweeted too! I’d really love to win!

  26. Shared on Facebook

  27. Boot kicking boots are my favorite

  28. Whitney

    I like the Corral Kats Westport boot but really I could spend tons of time shopping the site! I entered my email.

  29. Julie Peacock

    I’d have a difficult time choosing a favorite! I have shared the link on FB.

  30. Reretweeted your tweet tonight

  31. I love the Corral Butterfly Boot in turquoise/red/yellow! So fun!

  32. Love love love! I have a pair of Corral boots – with a turquoise/yellow/red butterfly pattern and I LOVE them. It would thrill me to pieces to pick out another pair!

    • evolvedmommy

      Corral boots have amazing detail. Good luck!

  33. Ohmygoodness this is such a FABULOUS giveaway! Love!

    My absolute faves are the burnt red FRYEs! Holy swooners! :)

    • evolvedmommy

      LOL. And all of the Fryes. Truly. I have an addiction.

  34. I LOVE my Ariat Legends. If I win, I’d get my kids some boots for Christmas. I shared on FB, too! Thanks.

    • evolvedmommy

      You’ve got the right idea! Holiday giveaways = fabulous, cheap and easy Christmas gifts.

  35. I need something cute and sassy!

  36. Andrea Fritts

    I’ve had my eye on those dang Chelsea Lucchese boots now for a few months…come on Santa!!

    • evolvedmommy

      WANT!!! They are GORGEOUS!

  37. I just want some Frye harness boots! ;)

    • evolvedmommy

      Correction: You NEED those Frye harness boots.

  38. kim lazor

    Completed mandatory entry at Country Outfitters. Thanks!

  39. kim lazor

    I love them all, and would be thrilled to win a pair! Thank you!

    • evolvedmommy

      I would be thrilled for you! Good luck.

  40. Monika Rued

    Y’all have been tormenting me with these boot giveaways since your conference! Hard to pick a favorite they’re all so beautiful but I love the red ones with the top stitch. Red boots just rock that Footloose carefree vibe. I shared on Twitter. Great gift guide too. :)

  41. John Billiris
  42. John Billiris

    I like the Men’s Rambler Square Toe Boot

    • evolvedmommy

      Those are so handsome. The classic man boot.

  43. John Billiris

    submit email

  44. Kathleen Conner

    I like theWomen’s Heritage Western X Toe Boot.

    • evolvedmommy

      Me, too. I have the Ariat Heritage Western R Toe in Brown Oiled Rowdy and wear them with everything.

  45. Kathleen Conner
  46. Kathleen Conner

    emailed to a friend, at cbstrat(at)gmail(dot)com

  47. Kathleen Conner


  48. fran raybon

    I just entered to WIN! Because you know I’m in it to win it. LOL My favorite country outfitter boots are…..(going to website to look it up)…ok, so I think my fave is the Frye. lovely!!!

    • fran raybon

      O, and I’m facebooking this!!

  49. Tara

    My favorite are the Corral, the black/brown with the pink floral!! They are sooo cute :)

  50. Alison Chino

    I really love the boots in the picture but I’m not sure I can pull them off! I think maybe I would get black boots that sparkle for the holidays!

  51. I love the Women’s Leslie Zip Bootie – Whiskey, but they are way out of my price range! LOL

  52. I can’t win the boots, but I just wanted to add that I have the boots in the picture and I LOVE them!

  53. Karen

    any boot would be grand!…Have been following Country Outfitters awhile, everyone is talking about them on FB…

  54. Amy Kelsey

    I love the Dan Post Wynona boots and I shared your post.

  55. Ohhhh, how I love drooling over boots! I think my favorites are the Dingo Women’s Pretender Boots in Dark Brown!

  56. I am IN LOVE with my Justin camel deertanned cow boots from Country Outfitter but I think if I bought another pair it just might have to be a Corral Turquoise Vintage Goat Overlay Boot :)

  57. Patti

    I entered and would love to win BOOTS! My favs are the Women’s Sora Boot in Brass/Multi!

  58. Jennifer Dysart

    I tweeted the giveaway today as well!

  59. Jennifer Dysart

    I love the Corral Women’s Brown/Turquoise Floral Tool Boot

  60. The Desert Red Goat Leather boots. I am totally coveting a pair of red cowboy boots, and these are gorgeous!

  61. Thanks for a chance to win!

  62. I love the Lindsay Plate boots by Frye in black, so awesome!

  63. Carol Yemola

    I love the Cowgirl Boots!

  64. I’ve got a thing for the Old Gringo Lucky boots.

  65. Rene

    Would love a pair! As hubs and I quit giving gifts to each other for Christmas, this would definitely be “Santa” magic, and every girl needs a little magic right? Crossing fingers for the magic! :)

  66. as much as I would love another pair of boots if I won I would get some for my sweet man cause he is so jealous of mine!


    I LOVE all Cowgirl Boots & I’m going to be selfish this year & buy for ME !!!!
    Very proud of my friend Stephanie (evolved Mommy)

  68. Helen Cheatham

    I entered and would LOVE to win boots for Christmas.

  69. Misty Willbanks

    I REALLY want those tall Ariat Murriettas. Really Want. Really. Want.

    • evolvedmommy

      I feel like maybe you like the Murrietas. Yes? ;)

  70. Sonya Morris

    Entered! I love the Lucchese Women’s Avery Grommet Boot – Tan.

  71. Courtney

    I also liked the giveaway link on facebook so it was shared on my Facebook profile (which is private to friends).

  72. Courtney

    My favorite boot, by far, is Corral’s Yellow/Red/Turq Butterfly Boot.. I have been drooling over it for weeks!

    • evolvedmommy

      So many people are talking about those!

  73. It is really hard to choose a favorite! But I really love the Women’s Café Brown Calf Ft. Worth S5 Toe Boot! Really, i love all of the brown boots! :)

    • evolvedmommy

      I have a hard time picking a favorite, too. Every day I find a new one. It’s kind of a problem.

  74. hmmm…I want a tall boot, and I’m torn between your pick and the ones in the picture up top—.
    I’m a big fan of Country Outfitter!

    • evolvedmommy

      You could rock the Murrietas. They are so so so perfect.

  75. evolvedmommy

    Thank you! That’s sweet. I love having the opportunity to do them.

  76. evolvedmommy

    So is Meg in our office. She mourns the Murrietas. But don’t be sad… there are so many fabulous boots for you to have.

  77. And my favorite boots are: Ariat Ramblers…..with the square toe….in roughed black. Medium width……size 9.5. Just saying.

  78. I’ve asked Santa for a Wacom Bamboo stylus. If he doesn’t bring it, I’m buying my own.

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