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Evolved Mommy | October 16, 2019

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Using your senses for a low-tech work day makeover - Evolved Mommy

Using your senses for a low-tech work day makeover
Stephanie Funk

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Some days are not delightful. They just aren’t. Lately, I feel like a traveling band of gypsies because our new offices are under construction, and from time-to-time we’ve had to take a conference call in my car, huddled around the laptop on a console with the AC off because noise.

Whether your office is one cubicle among thousands or your kitchen table, here are 5 easy ways to use your senses to create a better workday.

1. See

Get up and get out. See the world around you, not just the number of emails in your inbox. I promise the world will keep spinning while you’re away from your desk (and all those emails will still be there when you get back)

Walking as a workday break

2. Smell

If you work from home grab a $5 719 Walnut Avenue candle in the cleaning aisle at Walmart the next time you pass through. If you’re in cubicle city grab a subtle (seriously – don’t give your coworkers migraines) air freshener in an energizing or calming (depending on your issue) scent.

719 Walnut Avenue Candle at Walmart

3. Touch

Even when it’s eleventy million degrees outside the air conditioner in your office is bone chilling cold. Keep your favorite shrug or caplet at your desk because you know you’ll need it every day. Might as well be something you love. Sometimes it’s not appropriate to wrap up in Yaya’s afghan from the 1960s.

handy office sweater for AC

4. Taste

Reward yourself with a 2pm cup of really, really good coffee. A Clever Dripper is a cheap way to use your favorite beans for an above average office cup of joe. Just find the hot water maker or microwave a cup of water, pour it over a filter full of grounds, wait a minute and then drain the fresh coffee into your favorite mug. Mmmmmmm.

clever dripper coffee


5. Hear

Earbuds are a better choice than my FAVORITE Gramophone if you’re anywhere other than your home office, but seriously… look at this thing. There’s nothing high tech about this throw-back contraption Steve got at Restoration Hardware for Mother’s Day. It’s literally a block of wood, with an iPhone-shaped cradle and a hole drilled through to the horn (is that what it’s called). All the sudden my favorite music has that beautifully grainy record player sound. Swoon.

gramophone for iphone

There you have it! 5 simple, low-tech ways to a more delightful work day.

How do you keep calm and work on?