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Evolved Mommy | July 22, 2019

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Swimming in variety (30/30/30: 16) - Evolved Mommy

Swimming in variety (30/30/30: 16)

One important part of my 30/30/30 fitness goal has been to mix it up. And by “mix it up” I do not mean walk, elliptical, Pilates, repeat. This is what usually happens: I get stuck in the familiar cycle, get bored, give up and stay less-than-fit.

Yes, I have done my fair share of Pilates, elliptical workouts and walking this month, but I’ve also done some “running” (you know why it’s in quotes), a little yoga and today I swam. By “swam” I mean I chased a toddler around an indoor pool and tried to keep her from drowning. I did this for an hour and half, so this counts as a half hour workout in my logic.

It’s not a full hour and a half because it’s not like I was swimming laps. There was a sufficient amount of wading, then some water-aerobics style running, a little getting in and out of the pool repeatedly and some toy-fetching. When you add an hour and a half of that up it comes to one decent (not spectacular) thirty-minute workout.

Again, no pictures. It wasn’t pretty but I did squeeze into my bathing suit. Oh, and I think the five minutes it took me to shimmy out of that wet bathing suit counts as exercise, too. It totally does.

Our bathing suitings hanging on the shower bar to dry

Wouldn’t it be delightful if we could both wear a two-piece this summer?

Oh and just so you know… the swim trends for summer 2012 are high-waisted bikini bottoms and metallics. I’m not even lying or being facetious. Cosmo said it, so it MUST be true.

Image from Cosmopolitan Magazine online