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Evolved Mommy | July 22, 2019

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Wanelo App: Have you tried it?

Have you heard about: Wanelo App
Stephanie Funk

My inbox is a constant stream of “Have you seen this yet?” and “Look at this awesome new app/gadget/expensive tech thingy!”

So much so that I have inbox blindness to shiny new things. Sad, really because these are the very things my heart used to flutter for.

It’s nothing against the apps and gadgets. It’s just the volume of innovation.

These are the first world problems of a mommy tech blogger for sure.

Something caught my eye, though, the other day, and it might’ve had more to do with the sender than the content. The CEO of my company (reminder: I work for an uber-successful tech startup) sent an email to several members of the marketing team asking if we’d seen the Wanelo app.

wanelo shopping app

How do you even say that? I’m still not sure. Wane-LOW? Wuh-KNEE-low? WANE-uh-low?

Regardless, I checked it out and OHMUHWURD I’m hooked. It’s Pinterest, but just for things I didn’t know I wanted to buy, yet now MUST HAVE.

What is the Wanelo App

From the site:

Wanelo is a catalog of products organized by people.

People post products to Wanelo that they think are worth sharing, and those products get bought, saved, tagged and shared by members.

Store pages on Wanelo are created automatically when enough members post products from a new store. Members can follow stores and get updates when new products from those stores are posted by members.

It’s surprisingly fun and deliriously addictive.

Go download it. I’ll wait here. Then come tell me what you found. Because I want to see all of the things.