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Evolved Mommy | April 25, 2018

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WFC got her new iPhone 6s - Evolved Mommy

WFC got her new iPhone 6s
Stephanie McCratic

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Our favorite tell-it-like-it-is gal Whitney Faye Cook (WFC) got her new iPhone 6S and here’s what she thinks:

It’s release day, so here’s my take on the 6s Plus:

-Notably faster processor than the 6…its FAST!

-3D Touch is awesome once you dig in and figure out all the little tricks.

-The Live Photos are cool but still TBD on how often that’ll actually get used. It’s like making your own GIF…sorta?

OVERALL…the faster processor makes it a definite WORTH IT for me from a productivity/communication stand point. But-if you’re on the fence and not tech high maintenance-I’d wait and get the 7 next year.

p.s. WFC is having a real ‘first world’ crisis this morning thanks to her new iPhone 6S. Currently, her iMessages aren’t working on anything other than her phone. Not on her laptop, not on her Apple Watch. No. Where. Y’all! Stay tuned… we’ll keep you updated.