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Evolved Mommy | March 27, 2015

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Why Blog? Why Bother? - Evolved Mommy

Why Blog? Why Bother?
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Recently I’ve had a lot of people (okay, two) ask me why I blog. Honest to God, I don’t know. I just kind of love it.

Not true. There’s more to it than that. It occurs to me that there are two main reasons (and lots of little sub reasons) why I bother to blog: for sport and for money.

Blogging for Sport (or Hobby Blogging)

- Being extroverted (and terrible at organized sports), I love the connection with people I’ve never met.

- For some (not so much for me) blogging is a way to communicate with friends. I, however, cringe when I learn that someone I know has discovered my blog. This is my place to share what I love with interesting people. Not all of my high school classmates or third cousins are interesting. However, many of my friends have a wonderful and usually beautiful/interesting/funky/ridiculous record of their personal lives now thanks to blogging.

- It is important to learn something new everyday. Starting a blog seems simple until you do it. There’s something to learn everyday in this bloggy world.

- Life is short. There are fun experiences to be had. Thanks to blogging I have been a CheeseburgHer, hung out with Rockefellers and interacted with celebrities. Well, that last one is mostly due to Twitter. Either way, none of these opportunities would have presented themselves to me had it not been for my blog.

- Sometimes I just need a creative outlet. My degree is in journalism for a reason. I like to write and communicate. Sometimes I just vomit creativity all over my readers. This makes me happy.

- I love the idea that I am helping others by saving them time. My blog is more of a resource than a diary. Providing a relevant service to my readers gives me happy feelings. Kind of like exercise endorphins, but without the exercise.

Blogging for Money

- If your traffic is good enough you can make money through ads. Using Adsense you can make a whopping $50/day if you have 10,000 views per day. That’s not going to make anybody rich. It takes three solid posts and a lot of SEO (generally) to generate that kind of traffic. There are much easier ways to make $50 in my opinion.

- I get freelance work thanks to my blog. People hire me to write, to manage social media for them and to help with search engine optimization. This is a much more lucrative way to spend an hour than trying to drive 10,000 people to my blog per day.

The one thing I have no interest in is monetizing my blog artificially through things such as linky love, blog rolls and daily giveaways. This site is my first-born blog baby. It may not be making me a millionaire, but it’s my online home. The things I am passionate about are here and I’m glad I get to share them with you everyday.

When I asked Twitter, “Why blog?” I got these awesome responses:

@captcodemonkey: I Find that I learn the tech more firmly if I write an article about it. I blog to learn, and to help the next guy.

@allencasswell: I don’t. I won’t. Its just a diary in my opinion.

@audcole: Started blogging to “express myself”. Then found it helps me feel connected. I’m less socially awkward on my blog.

@sarabethjones: started b/c I love to write, think I have something to say… I love that it’s turned into such a record of my life + family.

@arfoodie: I love to write. I love food. Natural progression. Maybe some ego in there, also plans for future biz, word of mouth.#whyblog

@arkbear: I don’t blog. I want to but I find that I’ve got issues in a non-constrained, open-ended format. But it would be nice to have a place where I don’t feel like I don’t “own” my own content. I should blog.

What’s your why?


  1. Hey Evolved Mommy! I saw your post about your blog on Facebook! Didn’t know you had one, but now I am glad I do! My degree was also Journalism in college for a couple of semesters, but I changed it to English and Creative Writing. I will be a follower of your blog, for sure! I love blogging, too. Mine is more of a creative outlet – not really a resource for anything except a look into my inner and outer chaos. I haven’t written in a couple of weeks, but I’ve got a post ready for Monday. I am a sporadic blogger. Here is my address:

    I look forward to seeing you at the drive thru MOPS registration!


    • Hey friend! I’m glad you’re here.

      This blog came about because yesterday i was at Wordcamp Fayetteville (a localconference for WordPress users) and a friend of mine who also happened to be one of the speakers asked my why I blog.

      When I replied that it was a hobby, she snarkily said, “I don’t have hobbies. Why is anybody here if not to make money.”

      I was frustrated by this conversation, and I’m still not sure what I think about it other than it didn’t make me feel good. I felt about an inch tall. Yuck. I hope I don’t make other bloggers feel that way.

      I’ve thought about it a lot since then and this blog IS a hobby. I like that about it.

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