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Evolved Mommy | April 27, 2015

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Blissdom recap through my lens

Blissdom through my lens

| On 26, Mar 2013

Let me start by saying I need to stop putting my Canon DSLR in the bottom of my bag without the lens cap. Also, I think I’ve dropped my iPhone too many times. None of my pictures look great, and I’m pretty sad about that.

Regardless, here are some of my pictures from Blissdom 2013 in Dallas.

More insightful posts to follow. For now my brain is tired.


  1. I love your pictures! I especially adore the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders one. It was so good to see you, Stephanie! You looked fabulous.

    • evolvedmommy

      You looked fabulous, too. This year has been kind to both of us. I wish we could have had more time to chat. Please let me know when you’re in NWA sometime.

  2. I had a Canon DSLR stapled to my forehead with a freakishly long lens the entire weekend… so I might have missed you unless you happened to slowly smile in front of it. ;) Wasn’t the weekend great?! And I love some of those folks you photographed. :) Vive la BLISS!

    • evolvedmommy

      Oh! I think I saw you and ducked when you swung around with that lens so as not to get clocked. Next time I’ll just jump right in front of that lens.

  3. I’m glad I made your another room of awesome people.

    • evolvedmommy

      If I were a good blogger I’d link to everybody. You are one of my favorites!

  4. My pics were awful this year and I didn’t take enough! Not sure I could do a photo essay ;) Loved this! Loved hanging out with you and the other Arkansas girls.

    • evolvedmommy

      I feel like I failed at conference picture taking this year. Gah.

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