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Evolved Mommy | October 20, 2019

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Writing with Bianca Olthoff: Exercise 2 {Blissdom 2013}

Writing with Bianca Olthoff: Exercise 2 {Blissdom 2013}

| On 03, Apr 2013

What? You missed yesterday’s post about the fabulous Bianca Olthoff? That’s okay. Go here: Bianca Olthoff Blissdom Writing Exercise 1

Exercise Two: Identify on a timeline five high points in life and five low points.

I won’t share the gory details of that exercise here, but I did have a revelation. Four of my five lowest points are all prior to getting sober and four of my five high points are after getting sober. The only high point before was being placed with Meme & Pepaw at six months old. Obviously I don’t remember that moment, but it forever changed the course of my life. So, yeah, it’s a high point. The only low point after my sobriety date is when my first husband died.

My timeline:

* 6 months: Place to live with Meme & Pepaw
* 7 years old through Childhood: Chubby kid
* 12 years old (8th grade): Jr. High, Daddy died, Started drinking
* 17 years old (12th grade): Started trying drugs
* 27 years old: First attempt at sobriety
* 28 years old: Married Marshall
* 30 years old: Marshall died and I started drinking again somewhere in that process
* 30 years old (cont.): Sobriety, real & beautiful & hard sobriety.
* 32 years old: Married Steve
* 33 years old: Charlie was born
* 35 years old: Started my current job, which very well may be my dream job

Funny how insignificant things look typed out like that. As my sponsor says any time I call with any sort of dramatic event, “So what?”

There was more to this exercise, but that stuff is way more personal y’all.

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Would you share your timeline of good & bad?

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