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Evolved Mommy | April 25, 2018

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Conquering my "Yeah, but" objections (30/30/30: 7) - Evolved Mommy

Conquering my “Yeah, but” objections (30/30/30: 7)

30/30/30 is a fitness goal I’ve set for myself in which I will complete thirty 30-minute workouts in thirty days. Of course, a 1-hour workout counts as two workouts. This is my goal and I’ll make up the rules as I go. 

After two days of being sick with some sort of chest cold/pneumonia/flu (I exagerate at will because this is my blog and I can) and not working out at all I carried myself to the gym tonight.

After a good thirty minute trip on the elliptical I can now proudly say that I have conquered two of my strongest “yeah, buts.”

What is a “yeah, but”?

A “yeah, but” is a thing, any thing, that keeps me from doing something. They come in different varieties: financial, professional, social, fitness, etc.

The two “yeah, buts” that I overcame tonight I are:

  1. It’s night
  2. I don’t feel well

Let’s discuss the first one. Why don’t I work out at night? Well, I have this idea that I need to be at home. We get just a few hours together each day as a family, so who am I to do something by myself during that time. Whatever. This is ridiculous objection. We see plenty of each other. Moving on.

The second one can easily be co-signed by any willing member of my support network. The problem is, I don’t really feel all that bad. It’s just an excuse.

Today I am proud of me.

Tomorrow = Pilates.